Wednesday, 24 November 2010.

Around 11:15 am, I went to North Spine in a rush because I have promised Giang to meet at 10:30 am… Actually, I had woken up pretty early and had my lunch. However, I guess I still spent a lot of time to check if I brought enough things to Hanoi and to prepare myself.

Anyway, here is my lunch

At the bridge connecting North Spine and NIE, I met Giang waiting for a bus to go back to his hall. Damn, I was late (actually, I know it’s obvious, hehehe… :lol:). When I approached him, he told me that he had printed our tickets already. So, just relaxed 😀

For about half an hour, I went to Lee Wee Nam library in order to borrow a dictionary and a novel (for reading in the airplane). Before entering the library, I met my Sweden friend. Wow, it’s such a fortune. I asked him to keep my belongings for a while so I can search the books without carrying so many things. Nice. In the library, after searching for some minutes, I found that the dictionary and the novel I was searching was put in another library. So sad.

At around 11:45 am, I felt like want to go back for a while to go to the rest room since NS is near hall 3. Then, I went to hall 3 and came back around 12:10. Actually, my team and NTU Pigeons planned to meet around 12:00 in Can A. So, I searched inside Can A… Hey, no one here O_O. While trying to calm down, I contacted one of my friend (fat Conan may be? I forgot who I contacted back then). Aha, problem solved. They’re waiting in Can A below. Yey (Y).

Around 12:20, both of my team and NTU Pigeons meet in front of Canadian Pizza (CMIIW). Since I had had my lunch, I just waited them to finish their lunch. OK, while waiting them to finish their lunch, let me introduce both teams mentioned above.

1. NTU GladiaToRs

Members: Do Hoang Giang, Nguyen Thanh Trung, Risan

2. NTU Pigeons

Members: Doan Tuan Anh, Khuc Anh Tuan, Pham Quang Vu

OK, they had finished their meal. So, let’s go We went to the bus stop near Can A and Fat Conan called for a Taxi. After a while, we got our Taxi and went to Changi. We separate our teams into two groups, each group went by one taxi. I got the same group with Giang and Tuan Anh. In the taxi, I and Tuan Anh introducing our-self. It seems that he knew that it’s pretty hard for a non-Vietnamese to mentioned Vietnamese name. So, he told me that I could call him Andy. Nice.

Nothing much happen inside the taxi, we only had some chat. We waited for a while in Changi, taking some photo, and depart by Vietnamese Airlines. There is a nice fact that some Vietnameses refused to take a photo consist of three person. They told me that the believe it gave bad luck. Is it the same as the belief of some Indonesian people that if we took a photo consist of three people, the one in the middle would die? Interesting. While waiting, Fat Conan showed us a rabbit toy that can move which he bought from one of the shop in Changi. Pretty nice. Khuc Tuan and Giang seems interested, and they went to the shop also. I also interested on what kind of shop that was, so I came along. I successfully got some pictures of Khuc Tuan and the toys:

Without waiting much longer, we depart by Vietnamese Airlines. It seems to be a pretty expensive airlines. The service is pretty good, but the facilities seemed to be pretty old. Anyway, I enjoyed the flight.

We arrived at Hanoi in the afternoon. Giang’s parents and Vu’s parents waited for us in the airport, and they took us to Vu’s family’s restaurant for a dinner.

Vu’s family is very generous. They were so much food… I enjoyed it very much, thank you :D. There were some interesting foods also that I never met before. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of them.

After finished our dinner, we’re heading to the hotel. Check in, met Kevin, and nothing special there. Some of us went to their home (all of us except me are Vietnamese)

Since both my room mate and Tuan Anh’s room mate went to their home, I went to Tuan Anh’s room to sleep. The TV was great, since there were a lot of channel. However, the internet is bad. I could not access facebook. Then, I asked the solution to Eko and Felix Jingga. Both of them gave no good enough solution. But thanks for your great effort to help me (In the next day, I found that I could access the facebook site by typing, such a lame blocker :lol:).

At around 00:00 am, I went to my bed and Tuan Anh also went to his bed. Sleeping time :D.