Thursday, 25 November 2010

We had our breakfast in the hotel. It’s the pretty good ones, I love it ^^. Then, I went back to my room and still trying to ask Eko how to connect to facebook (because he seems to be one of the most evil person in my contact list, so I can safely assume he knew such thing. And hey, he really had some experience. Such a bad guy :D).

Some moments after that, Giang came and I came back to my and Giang’s room. We rest for a while, but suddenly Trung told us to go to the Ground floor for registration and got some T-Shirt :D. Actually, the registration should be on the previous day. However, all of us came late and miss the opening ceremony. So, we needed to register in the morning. Let’s think a bit. If this was in Jakarta, not in Hanoi, probably we had been disqualified for not attending the opening ceremony 😆 Very fortunate, it’s in Hanoi.

At around 12 pm, we went to KFC and had our lunch. This is a picture about how fat is fat Conan. He ate soo much…

pictures to be uploaded later

At around 2 pm, we went to the university by a bus. The university is very far from the hotel. Hell, why do they choose such hotel? ~_~ It needed about 1 hour to reach the university.

There is a nice fact about this university. Both Khuch Tuan and Giang had ever studied in this university for about one year, before going to NTU. Nice :D. In the university, there was a coach meeting and the students had a tour around the university. However, I and Giang missed it since we went to reprint our team notebook (there were some rules about the notebook that we missed, so we did reprint). At around 3:30 pm, We caught the tour group. I took some nice pictures.

pictures to be uploaded later

At 4 pm, we arrived outside the practice session hall. The practice session was scheduled to be started at 4:30 pm. Unfortunately, due to something that we didn’t know, it was late. We waited, waited, and waited… And since it’s Winter, it’s very cold outside @_@ Almost everyone there are Vietnamese, and almost all of them chatting in Vietnamese. So boring, there were very few places to sit and all of them had been taken by another students. There was nothing to do, really 😐

At around 5:45 pm, the practice contest finally began. We tested everything that we needed to know, and found a very uncomfortable fact. There is no Run-Time Error reply! I tried to submit a correct solution with additionally a division by zero, and it gave me Wrong Answer.

The practice session finished in the evening (lol, it’s like a joke. It’s my first time to have a practice session in the evening). We waited our bus for a while, and went to our hotel by bus. After reaching our hotel, we rest for a while, and had dinner outside the hotel since the hotel didn’t provide any dinner. We went to a restaurant by taxi, having dinner, and getting back to our hotel around 10 pm.

After writing some emails, I went to bed for sleeping. As what I had predicted before, it’s so hard to sleep. I only could have my self half a sleep for about 4 hours (around 0:30 am until 4:30 am). We needed to wake up so early because at 6 am, we need to go by a bus to the university.