The 2010 is a pretty exciting year in my life.

In this article, I’ll try to elaborate my memories of 2010 in chronological order.

I took some interesting courses in the first semester of 2010 (it should be the second semester of my first year then 🙂 ). Two of them were Logic Design and Microprocessor Programming. From these two courses, I learned a lot of low-level things. These knowledge helped me a lot in improving myself to be better programmer.

After finishing my first year, I enjoyed an exciting holiday. This holiday was started with my first time helping Mr. Suryana Setiawan, Ilham WK, and Brian Marshal in coaching Indonesian Informatics Olympiad Team (TOKI). I helped them in the last two training camps, and this task were proven to be very challenging tasks. One of the reasons was because I met my past year rivals as my trainee. Some of them had ever surpassed my ability, so I was motivated to learn more in order to be a good trainer.

In the Third National Training Camp, I could only be there starting from the second week because the examination in NTU was at the same time with this training camp. For your info, the Third National Training Camp is a training for the top 8 in TOKI who will compete in APIO (Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad). One of the trainee in this training camp was my trainee in my high school which I had trained for about two years. So, I was not so nervous in training them. The training went pretty well, I was also asked to explain some materials in the morning. Explaining some materials was a pretty fun task. However, because there was imbalance between the skills of veteran contestants and the new ones, sometimes I was rather confused on how to deliver the materials well. Finally, I decided to explain from the very basic but always tried to give something new for the veterans. Well, with a few assumption, I think I was succeed.

After the training camp, I gave a training in SMA Negeri 1 Tangerang (which is my high school) as usual. This training was one of my favorite activity because I could share my knowledge with my juniors who were exploring the same things with my field of expertise. Different with the national training camp in which I met experienced students, in SMA Negeri 1 Tangerang I tried to train the students from not knowing programming at all, until became the national olympiad contestant level. The challenge was very different, so the training pattern was also very different. In the national training camp, trainee were given training as much as possible and only be given a few materials. However, here I spent most of my time for explaining the materials to them and showing them how I solved problems. Although the result was not as good as previous year result, I was quite confident that my trainees had learned a lot.

The training activity continues to the forth national training camp. Here, I helped training the top 4 in TOKI 2010. Once in two days, I explained the solution of some IOI problems (of course for some of them, I needed to read the solutions before) and at the other day I accompanied them in practicing with some problems prepared beforehand by coaches.

In August, for the first time since 2007 I went to OSN (National Science Olympiad). Now not as participant anymore, but as judge. Here, for the first time I proposed problems which used in the programming session on the second day. The problems which I proposed are Missile and Waterfall, where Waterfall was proven as the hardest problem in this Olympiad because it needed some high level skill to solve it fully. In this Olympiad, I could meet some teachers from many universities and saw what happened behind the scene of the National Science Olympiad. Really a precious moment.

Beside training others, I also had regular practices. From solving problems in Online Judge, learning from some past Olympiad problems, and also joining training. The training which is memorable for me was the training of Binus ACM team. This training sometimes difficult, but sometimes easy. However, the most memorable things in this training actually was not the problem solving session, but from this training I could meet a lot of new people. I could meet Suhendry Effendy (before, I only knew there exists a person named Suhendry Effendy), Felix Jingga, Winardi Kurniawan, etc. Beside that, I also met my trainer in my high school, Panji Kharisma, and also my friend in TOKI 2008, Ricky Winata. In this training, I got the skill that I never had before. and also, the confident.

Entering the second semester in NTU, I registered some courses related to Theoretical Computer Science. One of the most memorable subject for me is Graph Theory, by Asst. Prof. Dmitrii V Pasechnik (Prof Dima). This course was one of the course taken by me to fullfill my minor in Mathematical Science. Prof. Dima is a fun teacher and also a great mathematician. Here, for the first time I could face a mathematician with his caliber. He always showed us how a mathematician thinks, approaching problems, and solving them. I feel lucky that I could enrolled in this class. Graph Theory in this class was very deep and also explained with the relation with many other area in Mathematics so very often I need to struggle in understanding it. I was very rare for being late in this class because this class is very interesting and hard. Before, I have ever late for about fifteen minutes because of something, and in one hour I understood nothing. Now, I am very interested with Graph Theory. My research field is also related with Graph Theory, although much more related to practical algorithm.

One of the other class inspired me is Linear Algebra II. In this class, I needed to catch my backwardness because I never enrolled in Linear Algebra I before. However, this class is still very interesting and I learned a lot from this class.

One of the exciting things in this semester is URECA. URECA is research which was granted to students with GPA more than 4.50 from 5.0 scale. My first research related to the shortest path algorithm in road network. Hopefully, I can get a lot from this research.

In this semester, I and my two friends formed a team in ACM-ICPC, NTU GladiaToRS. This team successfully got 10-th rank in Hanoi (getting Third prize) and got firth-rank in Jakarta. The special thing about this team, this is one of two NTU teams can participate in World Final in Egypt. However, at last, we must give this chance to NTU Pigeons, which was current best NTU team. Go Pigeons!

In TopCoder, my growth was somehow “very static”. Even, I had fallen to blue again and at last. At the end of this year, I was still yellow. In other hand, in this year for the first time I could participate in TCO and getting a T-Shirt ^_^

In the end-of-year holiday, I was invited by one of the software company in Indonesia for a trip to Puncak. Here, I met Mr. Wenas Agusetiawan who is one of Indonesian hacker legend 🙂 I am happy because I met new friends who shared experiences to me. For the first time in my life, I knew how the world of work is and which skills are demanded.

In the next year, things that I will achieve are:

– having one of the best team in CIDP
– become a regional champion in ACM-ICPC
– become a red-coder in TopCoder
– increasing my GPA
– success in my research (URECA)

Hopefully, everything will be achieved in 2011 🙂

I want to thanks God and every person who made 2010 a very beautiful moment in my life. Happy new year 2011 for all of us 🙂


PS: Sorry for the bad-written English version. Please report any language issues in the Language Issues page (accessible in the top of my blog ^)