Saturday, 12 May 2012

I woke up late at noon and immediately realized that it was the competition day of Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad, abbreviated as APIO ( Of course, naturally, I was curious on how it was going since I was one of the coach for Indonesian IOI Team. When I went online on Facebook, Brian (another coach) immediately sent me a message with me. It was quite convenient that he was in University of Indonesia at that time, so I could get real-time report on the most up-to-date situation. As some of us might know, University of Indonesia is one of the APIO contest site in Indonesia.

After chatting a while, I washed my clothes and went to cut my hair near Canteen 2 because I felt my hair was a bit too long and it might disturb me when coding. After that, I went to minimart and bought some stuff that I probably would need. I also bought a few cups of noodle to make sure I would not starve if the food in Poland did not suit me. Precaution is a good thing, is not it?

After coming back, I found a few miscalls from Vu (I did not bring my phone with me when I went shopping) and some chat messages from Trung and Vu. Vu asked me if I have exchanged my money to Poland’s currency. Of course, someone as prepared as me would have… wait, I had not :|. However, Vu did not seem surprise at all. He even said he had expected it. How cruel :|. They also invited me to have dinner together in 24 hours store (this is what we called that place for few years although this place actually has its own different name. Don’t blame us, blame Vu :lol:)

I washed some other clothes, took a bath, and then rushed to money changer. Unfortunately, there were no Polish Currency there. Vu told me to change my SGD to USD instead, so I did. Soon after that, I went to the 24 hours store and found them had already been there. In addition,  we had some other friends joining. By this arrangement, normally people (at least I) would think that the inviting party, in this case NTU StarLights, would treat. However, I did not feel like I have agreed to pay for all of us :|, so I thought Vu would pay and it made me excited :|. Soon, the truth was revealed. All of us needed to pay by ourselves :mad:, 😆 . Since after coming back to Singapore in the next week the World Finals would have been over, that was the last time we had meal together there as part of NTU StarLights. Pretty sad, if we think in this way.

Coming back from dinner, I rushed to finish packing my belongings. At around 8:45 pm, we left NTU and went to Changi Airport by Taxi.

In Changi, something funny happened to us. After meeting with one of our coach, we went to one of the shop to eat parfait. Not knowing anything, we went inside from the back door, chose a seat, and sat comfortably. Then, a waiter come to us. He pointed a pretty long queue in the front door and said that we actually should queue :|. Our coach (Mr. Tung) seemed to be experienced in handling that kind of situation 😆 . He asked the waiter calmly, “So, do we need to go out?”. I guess it made the waiter felt very bad, and he said, “Normally you should wait, but this time it is ok. But next time you need to queue.” Awesome :lol:.

After finished eating the parfait and playing an ipad (it’s Vu’s ipad :() game, we went boarding.