Tuesday, 15 May 2012

In the morning, we went to University of Warsaw for IBM TechTrek. I and my friends were very sleepy during it, honestly ><. But I guessed they should have talked about something awesome, probably.

After IBM TechTrek, we went to Copernicus Science Center (and played… yay!). It was very interesting place with a lot of cool things, as can be expected from a science center. It was like going back to secondary school and doing those kinds of experiments again… with more advanced equipments.

After being tired, we went back to hotel to take a rest.

In the afternoon, we were transported to the University of Warsaw to have dinner. We had dinner together. And there, and that very moment, we saw through Vu’s true nature :|. OK, this part is scary so let’s skip it :lol:.

The opening ceremony was held after the dinner. As expected from the World Finals, the opening ceremony was pretty awesome. But I personally think that the opening ceremony of IOI 2008 is better. We got 3D eyeglasses to watched a 3D shows. However, we sat on bad angle so we could not saw it properly :(.

We went back to hotel in the rainy cold night. We needed to wait for quite long to get a bus :(. As soon as we reached the hotel, we took a good rest.