Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The vacation was over and it was time to start getting serious.  We were transported to University of Warsaw. There, Bill Poucher told the rules of dressing inside the competition arena. It was fun because he was funny :D.

We gave our bag to our main on site coach (Mr. Kevin Jones) and went to the competition arena for practice session. It was not the first time we have practice session, obviously, so we approximately knew what we should do. Something that surprised some of us, the grader was not PC^2. They used Kattis ( It has nice interfaces, and we saw no errors or anything on it.

In the practice session, We were given 8 problems, such that the i-th problem and the (i+4)-th problem are the same. In other words, there were 4 distinct problems in the set. We tested every possible judge errors, stack limit, etc. Nothing really special.

In the lunch break, we watched the ICPC Challenge, a game contest that was held in parallel with ICPC, with ICPC contestants as contestants. I was not really interested with it, but Trung and Vu seemed to be really interested to watch. I spent those hours to sleep. The contest is accessible here.

After lunch break is the dress rehearsal. Again, Bill Poucher presented us a good show in demonstrating the dressing rules. The dress rehearsal is a mini-contest using easy problems (except one or two) to rehearse us before the real contest. It was fun. Unfortunately, the result after freeze time was not published, as far as I knew.

One of the problem in the dress rehearsal was very hard. You are given a list of n numbers, each number is represented as a[1]^a[2]^…^a[k], where 1 <= a[i] <= 100, 1 <= a[k] <= 100. Sort the list.